Sunday, April 12, 2009

Creation and Mission Statement

Hi, welcome to PlinkoBlog.
I am starting my own blog again because I want to start writing again. I used to blog regularly years ago but it fell pretty deeply in to what many of the blogerati would deride as wankery. I intend to not repeat that mistake here.

First and foremost, I am going to do this anonymously. I work for a publicly traded corporation and I may have things to say about my industry at times. Let me say that I live in a small city in a Southern U.S. state. I am married with our first child on the way. I graduated from a large, well-regarded public university in the midwest. I am a liberal and an agnostic. I harbor no illusions about being read regularly much less ever making this a full-time occupation. Take that for what you will about seriousness or committment.

I have a few areas of interest I will try to focus on because they are of interest to me. I don't feel it's worthwhile to make inane declarations on subjects I do not understand. My main subjects (and their reasonings) will likely be:

Newspapers/Publishing/Media (I once worked in this industry and still have financial ties to it)
Secular/Sacred Society and Political Tensions
Imprt Trade, especially Apparel/Garments (this is my field)
Social Programs and Progressive Politics (my wife is a social worker, so it's often discussed at home)
Adoption (I am)
Gaming, Geekery (my main hobby)
Business, Economics (another interest)

Yeah, it'sa mish-mash, but so is every other interesting blog.

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